Letter: Gateway retaliated against me for complaining

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Gateway window frozenFebruary 15, 2014

Dear Editor,

I have been a tenant at Gateway exactly one year this weekend. I am not rent stabilized, but rather live in a market-rate one bedroom “renovated apartment.”

I refer to my apartment as my expensive tenement. The litany of problems with my apartment commenced on day 1 when I had NO HEAT at all and was forced to stay at the FEMA hotel I still had left for 2 days until the holiday weekend was over.

In the one year of living at Gateway Plaza, my living room unit was replaced three or four times. The bedroom unit is still the old version with neither of them operating correctly.

I have detailed to management all of the problems and have been met with replies ranging from “that’s the way it works” to the building manager lady telling me that I should have known to use a screw driver to turn off the heating unit if it had no dial.

I have called 311 and Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) many times. FINALLY.. just a few days ago, they arrived at night to document the heating situation. And YES, they found violations…two, I’m told. The lovely gentlemen had no idea that this heating condition was systemic throughout the complex.

So, more of you should contact the HPD. Apparently, though management tells me the unit blowing cold air is fine and “that’s how these units work”, it is not okay with HPD.

In retaliation for my complaints, of course my expensive tenement’s lease was not renewed. Fortunately, there is a legal remedy for that.

Having lost my Long Beach home and possessions due to SANDY moving to this place with the morally reprehensible lying management and brokers was enough. I am utilizing all legal remedies.

In summary, new tenant…BEWARE….Call the HPD. It takes some work, but they will get results.


Dr. Kim Lurie

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  1. Editor says:

    You seem to be taking the right steps. Start in Housing court and they will prevent your eviction. You will likely also be able to win damages and fixes to your heating.

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