Letter: Help. I am in helicopter hell!

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Turist helicoptersApril 24, 2014- Letter to Editor from Rhonda Waggoner

I am ready to take to the streets in protest and participate in a class action lawsuit. Startled out of sleep this morning at 7:45AM by low-flying helicopter(s) crossing Manhattan near 86th Street on the east-west route.

With cross island traffic of privileged commuters, unrelenting daily tourists’ choppers recklessly banking at 45 degrees and flying too low over land, and redundant news helicopters covering the same flat tire on the FDR, our homes and parks are under constant attack.

I witnessed another near collision this week between a helicopter turning west below a small plane flying north over the Hudson River, but 311 was not prepared to take that information. I told her if I made a complaint about the helicopters noise we would never get off the phone.

Please act immediately to stop this insanity and help me organize in protest. I am not too proud to beg. I am desperate.

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2 Responses to Letter: Help. I am in helicopter hell!

  1. L says:

    Totally agreed. I was walking along the river towards the seaport just a few days ago and the air and noise pollution was suffocating. it is no better on the Hudson. Whatever happened to a sustainable environment? Tourist helicopter rides are much more than just a nuisance.

  2. F says:

    It’s the Saturday before Mother’s Day, I’m trying to work and I’m distracted by the onslaught of helicopter traffic. Even though it’s nearly 80 degrees I can’t keep my windows open because the noise drowns out interior sounds. Individuals who live along the Hudson should not have to be subject to the tyranny of the “privileged” who need to have aerial tours or take helicopters to sports events, Hamptons, or anywhere else money can buy. I have written to the mayor, called 311 and signed petitions, now I am ready to take to the streets, and would support any protest that might alleviate this assault.

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