Letter: I bought food from Gristedes with mold all over it

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Bread mold and lettuce moldJuly 13, 2015- Letter to the Editor by Nicole


I have been a resident/owner in Battery Park for two years now and have only recently become familiar with BatteryPark.TV. I am not sure if this is in your scope, or something you are interested in, so before I go on a tirade:

I had noticed an incident of moldy food at Gristedes about two weeks ago (a new item, pretzel buns, and 8 out of 8 packages that I picked up were entirely covered in mold).

I was there yesterday with my family who was visiting, and again, pretzel buns on the shelves COVERED in blue mold – and with June 12 sell by dates (almost ironic that it was exact to the month). We “did the right thing” and alerted the management without making a scene of any sort.

I went back later that evening as I had forgotten lemons, and just to see what had happened. I checked on the pretzel buns, and STILL moldy expired pretzel buns were waiting to be sold even after I had given my moldy package to the manager and alerted him to the problem.

Then, I get home to find that my lettuce was completely rotten and had something white resembling cottage cheese all over one of the romaine stalks. Easily the grossest food moment of my life.

I have pictures, but perhaps this is not the right outlet for my complaint! I just know that people in Battery Park are not happy with Gristedes and this was crossing the line for me. We live in a beautiful area with high end stores cropping up everywhere, and we need a better grocery option.

Please let me know if there is someone else I should reach out to, or anything helpful you can advise as a course of action for someone in my position.

Thank you very much,

Nicole B.

Gristedes South should be closed down immediately

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2 Responses to Letter: I bought food from Gristedes with mold all over it

  1. Editor says:

    You came to the right place. We have covered this problem extensively. I found mold on food that I purchased last Fall too.

    As a result of our stories, they renovated the south store, but more needs to be done.

    Sadly, the state agriculture department covers grocery stores and Gristedes has made too many campaign donations to get the ag department to act. I showed them video of my mold form Gristedes. They came out and found no violations, supposedly.

    However, more powerful than the state are the people of BPC. We need to speak up.

  2. jcmealla says:

    We need to boycott Gristedes. They’ve pretty much had a monopoly in BPC. If we stop buying there they’ll be forced to make way to something better.

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