Letter: Margaret Chin endorses idea of BPC residents serving on BPCA board

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d1chinAugust 21, 2013

Transparency and oversight should be integral components of any government entity, especially those that deal directly with public money. From the beginning, a portion of BPCA revenue was meant to be allocated specifically toward developing affordable housing. However, those funds get put towards the city’s general fund, which make it more difficult to track where those dollars go and how they are used.

As the Council Member serving the residents of Battery Park City, I would of course like to see greater accountability in the BPCA, which is a State Authority, to the city. But even more, I would like to see greater local resident representation on the BPCA board.

My office is not privy to all the details of BPCA’s internal investigation and therefore cannot duly comment on its process.


Margaret Chin, New York City Council

Online petition: Battery Park City Authority: Stop the corruption

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