Letter: New anglers on esplanade are a problem

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Shark fishermanLetter to the Editor

June 6, 2013, By B. Rosen

I would like to address the arrival of fisherman now using the Esplanade between Liberty Street and the South Cove. That strip of the esplanade between those two locations is home to bike riders, skate boarders, dog walkers, baby strollers, runners, and pedestrians.

The anglers there now never have less than three long rods extending into the walkway along with their paraphernalia and take up the entire space along the rail, from one rod to the other. Yesterday, I observed a fisherman who had hooked a fish step over the railing and out onto the wall to bring his catch up.

One PEP officer told me that fishing was allowed only from the South Cove down to the Battery Park. No one, especially the PEP officers, know the rules, Frankly, I think that they could not care less.


Rector Pl.

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One Response to Letter: New anglers on esplanade are a problem

  1. River Terrace Resident says:

    Hopefully one of the fishermen will fall into the river and more awareness from PEP will result. But unfortunately probably won’t since PEP don’t really pay attention or execute enforcement of any rules they get paid to enforce. Sad but a fact.
    And the fish they do catch, where do you think they go? (Just a word of caution buying fish at the markets on Canal street).

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