Letter: The new management of Asphalt Green BPC is horrible

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Maggy Siegel Jeff Dorn Asphalt GreenMay 12, 2016- Letter to the Editor by Jim

Hi Steven,

I used to work in Asphalt Green, so I know you are the “Mayor of BPC”. I just wanted to let you know that Asphalt Green is a disgrace of a company.

Maggie Spiegel is the worst thing that could have happened to the organization. The turnover of directors and higher management is at an all time high.

EVERYONE IS QUITTING. This is a shit show.

Did you know that JEFF DORN is quitting Asphalt Green after over a decade working for the organization???? His last day is at the end of JUNE. He was a great guy, leader and mentor.

When I was working for the organization, the only way to get hired was if your family member or friend was a manager in the company. Everyone hired was a friend or family member of upper management.

Did you know that Stephanie, who was a GSR supervisor, sued Asphalt Green BPC and won the lawsuit for racism?

You don’t have to take it from me. Here is a link at Glassdoor.com where employees rate and comment about the company and staff.

Ohhh yeah, one more thing: Everyone at Asphalt Green BPC is having sex with each other.

Sincerely, (name withheld)

Editor’s note: This letter does not represent the opinion of BatteryPark.TV, nor has it been verified to be true. The words are purely opinion.

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