Letters to the Editor 5-11-2013

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Reply to: Verizon to sell Downtown headquarters due to flooding zone

Sally Regenhard says: May 7, 2013 at 11:19 pm

I am on the mailing list for your website, which I find extremely interesting and informative. I would like to circulate your Verizon article among some 9/11 family groups along with the credit from your website, of course.

I want to compare and contrast the actions of Verizon in moving 1,100 employees out of the flood prone zone, vs. Mayor Bloombeg who (despite two law suits against him & overwhelming 9/11 family opposition) is hell-bent on moving unidentified remains of 1,100 9/11 victims into the basement of the 9/11 Museum – 70 ft. below ground -which is also in Flood Zone A.- an area which was flooded with 20 ft. of water during Sandy.

So this would drive home a very important point in our continuing battle to keep the 9,000 remains of the still missing victims out of this Museum at GZ, which we strongly oppose on an ethical and moral basis..

…and thank you so much and please keep up the good work on your attractive web site.. Someone has to tell the truth about what is happening in lower Manhattan and CB 1 area!

Thank you,
9/11 Parents & Families of Firefighters and WTC Victims.

Reply to: Downtown school overcrowding might get worse

Maritza Mrozinski says:May 6, 2013 at 9:09 am

Steven, thanks for continuing reporting on this overcrowding crisis. We are now in May and there are no significant changes to the waitlists in any of the schools. Schools keep referring to mid June on G& T placements, but unless we have 148 G&T kids (unlikely!), the issue is not going to be solved. Parents of school age children in BPC, TriBeCa & FiDi, if you are planning to send your kid to public school next year or the year after that… THINK AGAIN!…

Please, visit CHANGE.ORG, search for “KINGERGARTEN CLASSROOMS” and sign our petition to keep our children in a Kindergarten classroom in our community for the 2013 school year and beyond!

Reply to: Outrage over high salaries of 9/11 Memorial staff amidst budget overruns

David E Stanke says: April 24, 2013 at 12:32 am

You couldn’t pay me enough to take a lead job at the WTC Memorial. There is nothing but criticism about everything that is accomplished. For EVERY decision they make, there are family member and others going to the press to attack them. Sacred ground is invoked by everyone in support of every divergent view. Speak the truth about what happened . . . people complain. Try to hide any piece of the truth . . . people complain. Move the remains elsewhere . . . people complain. Put the remains on sacred ground . . . people complain because it’s below ground. The one lesson from this is that peoples emotions have gone unbalanced and they are out to attack everything they don’t like without any clue that compromises have had to be made.

But nobody I hear in this or any other piece is complaining about the fundamental problem. This Memorial Museum is over budget because of the complaining. Remember, the site HAD TO BE 16 Acres! OK, they compromised it down to 8, but it had to be 8 acres to BEDROCK! Nothing new could get built on those 8 acres unless it was dedicated SOLELY to the Memorial/Museum. Nobody was willing to fight the battle then, so they designed an outrageously expensive extravagant and technologically challenging memorial on the scale of the pyramids. They had space for a museum so large that it required teams of designers, preservationists, experts in all manner of details. It is not a couple of salaries that put this over budget, it is the fact that it is 8 acre museum holding massive artifacts.

Consider this. The Memorial was forced by preservationists and the “Arts” community to include the slurry wall in the museum. Of course, the slurry wall is still functioning. So they had to build a second slurry wall outside of the slurry wall so they could take the pressure and water exposure etc. off of the original slurry wall so it could be shown in the museum. Who complained about that decision?

No one has the right to talk about the budget or cost now because everyone in the early years demanded nothing the most, the biggest, the exhaustive, the complete. Everything everyone wanted HAD TO BE THERE AND NO ONE was taking no for an answer. So we have a monumental project that is taking years to put together. For all the demands, who is going to volunteer to work for the Museum at a discount? Working at that museum is like going to the front line of an emotional ground attack. If anything, jobs at this Museum should be at a large premium to any other similar job, comparable to running The Museum of Natural History and the Met together. And guess what? If it’s expensive now, then everyone will have to pay for it, because 10 years ago, people were demanding it and no one was saying no!

Reply to: Pier 26 Restaurant

jfc says: May 6, 2013 at 11:42 am

It has been secretly talked about that Townley will be involved with the Pier 26 restaurant, and he will be exempt from the onerous demands the Trust is making on other tenants in the park, such as the beer garden they are putting near Chelsea Piers. A friend did the walk-through for the beer garden, and he was told that they will be required to give the Trust the ability to remotely view – from the Trust’s computers – the restaurant’s sales system server, which could obviously lead to corrupted data from a Trust “hacker.” He was also told the restaurant will be required to tack on a $1 donation for all sales, with the money going to the Trust.

Reply to:Pit bulls are dangerous

scared of pit bulls says: May 10, 2013 at 10:38 am

In gateway lobby last weekend there was dog poop all over the walkway leading to elevators out of vision of doorman. o dog nor owner in site ……….got away
real nice dog owner !

Reply to: Complaints about dogs using Teardrop Park as a bathroom

Alan says: May 8, 2013 at 8:27 am

Jeff Galloway seems to have major problem, he thinks animals are more important than people!

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