Liberals now have their own Civil War

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October 9, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Over the weekend, the equivalent of an atomic bomb fell on Hollywood. News that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been a serial molester of women for decades, and that the Hollywood community has covered up this open “secret”, dominated the news cycle. This came as yet another blockbuster hopeful, Blade Runner 2049, flopped, continuing the trend of the year of flops.

The Weinstein story broke in the liberal New York Times, finally. Back in 2004, the New York Times was set to publish a similar story on Weinstein, but he had it killed.

The bigger story here is how Hollywood is losing its ability to maintain a hypocritical, double-standard, secret society. Years ago, when the emails of the Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal were hacked, exposing the secret communications of the powerbrokers in Hollywood who engage is racism, blacklisting, misogyny, and paying female actors less than males, it scared the living daylights out of the Hollywood community because everyone in it knew that this Sony behavior was not an outlier. It was the norm.

People like Harvey Weinstein used to be able to get away with murder (sometimes literally). Rarely did someone like Roman Polanski get busted. Now, this exposé of Harvey Weinstein exposing himself to actresses, published in the most powerful newspaper for the liberal cause, must have all sorts of sexual molesting, harassing, misogynist white males who are in charge of Hollywood scared to death.

Hollywood is one of the worst places on planet earth for females outside of Muslim nations where Sharia law is practiced. Yet Hollywood engages in the hypocrisy of false outrage when it learns of anyone who is not strictly in line with their agenda saying anything remotely sexual. Recently, African American star NFL quarterback Cam Newton lost lucrative product endorsement deals because he smiled at a female sports reporter, allegedly demeaning her.

The curtain to the Wizard of Oz is falling in Hollywood. Ever since Hollywood became the main city for the production of films in the early 1900’s, white males have been praying up the next pretty fresh meat coming from the bus station wanting to be a star. In a contract with the liberal community, they have been given free passes to be rapists and molesters if they agreed to promote the liberal agendas.

However, after the embarrassing campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, which was allowed to get as far as it did by the full court press assistance from Hollywood, true liberals, who supported Bernie Sanders, are wondering if this Hollywood relationship needs to be overhauled. A liberal civil war is brewing.

Just as the populist conservatives have challenged the establishment GOP, so too now is the far-left liberal faction challenging the establishment Democrats, represented by the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood, the Clintons and Obamas, and Nancy Pelosi. The Obama daughter, Malia, interned with Harvey Weinstein in the summer of 2017. Michelle Obama praised Harvey Weinstein in 2013. Harvey donated large amounts to Hillary Clinton’s debacle of a campaign.

All of this comes right on the heels of the Las Vegas shooter targeting conservative Trump supporters at a country music festival, and the shooter likely being a Democrat seen on video protesting President Trump at an August, 2017 Reno, Nevada rally. This Hollywood scandal also comes after a ballfield full of Republican congressmen were gunned down by a far-left lunatic, and the Antifa movement becomes more violent.

Once the true motives of the Las Vegas shooter are allowed to be known, liberals will have to deal with the hypocrisy. The party of gun control now has spawned the worst mass shootings in American History. Hollywood’s glorification of guns has directly created the “gun culture” that is decried on liberal shows, such as Bill Maher’s. The party of feminism covered up Harvey Weinstein for 30-years.

The Democrats have not changed strategy one bit since the Hillary Clinton debacle. Many liberals are now urging for an overhaul. Actor George Clooney recently spoke out against Hillary Clinton. Bill Maher said that he never wants to see Hillary again.

All of this is similar to the populists-versus-establishment battle ongoing within the Republican party, and the populists are winning. Senators Corker, McCain, and Flake will likely be ousted. President Trump is handling one crisis after the other successfully, and his approval ratings are growing.

As President Trump continues to succeed and the liberals’ hopes of getting him impeached diminish, the anger is growing. That Kubler Ross stages of grief model is finally playing out. The Democrats are just now getting over the denial stage and entering the anger stage, a year later after the election.

And finally, an even bigger story playing out is that we are living in an age where secrets cannot be kept. The Internet and independent news sites are making it impossible to lead a double-standard secret life or for hypocritical institutions to thrive. The curtain to Hollywood’s Wizard of Oz has been pulled back. Harvey Weinstein has been fired by the board of his own company. The establishment Democrats are under fire. On both ends of the political spectrum, the people are winning and taking back the power.

Update October 18, 2017- I told you so. Everything I wrote has come true.

Update November 17, 2017- Former head of the DNC, Donna Brazile, is sabotaging the Hillary Clinton revival efforts by claiming in her book that Hillary rigged the election. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is now saying that Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct was inexcusable, and so on. The factions of the liberal base who want fresh faces are in a civil war with the establishment likes of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Update November 20, 2017- Senator Al Franken is in deep trouble over lewd photos he took groping a woman. Also, “Mr. Establishment” liberal himself, Charlie Rose, is being accused by eight women of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Update January 6, 2020- I think the Hollywood narcissists are finally, after four years, getting to the acceptance stage of the Kübler-Ross model for grief. They have been in the denial and anger stages since 2016. That is what I gleaned from last nights Golden Globes.

The pretentious political acceptance speeches were nowhere to be found. Ricky Gervais said it so well. He said that none of them have any qualifications to be talking about political affairs because none of them even went to grade school.

The narcissists also see how their own efforts are cannibalizing and coming back to ruin their industry with this #MeToo movement. PC cops have ruined the screenplays and nobody is watching TV, HBO, or going to the theaters. Ronan Farrow took down the biggest executives in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein is poised to go to jail, and their purveyor of underage girls, Jeffrey Epstein, is dead.  Their world has been destroyed.

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  1. bhauptm says:

    Looked at from a partisan point of view, this is an excellent narrative. Ur score would be 100%, except for. 1. “Hollywood is one of the worst places on planet earth for females outside of Muslim nations where Sharia law is practiced.” (please!)” 2. “the shooter likely being a Democrat seen on video protesting President Trump at an August, 2017 Reno, Nevada rally.” (likely?)

    I really like your stuff, but you really need someone to check your whims.

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