LMDC releases $10 M for WTC Performing Arts Center “design”

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Gehry designed performing arts in WTCNovember 16, 2015- The next big billion-dollar waste of money at Ground Zero, the Performing Arts Center (PAC), was given a lifeline when the LMDC released $10 Million for engineering and design. With Sheldon Silver on trial now, and likely going to prison soon, perhaps the LMDC figured that they had better release funds for his pet projects soon.

With modern software, it only takes a few people in a small office to design the largest skyscrapers. $10 Million is a lot of money for preliminary design.

While BatteryPark.TV strongly supports the arts, we do not support pork projects. This PAC will be another phenomenal waste of money.

We will buy the entire community a steak dinner if the PAC comes in under a billion dollars and is completed before the year 2020.

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