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candidates-for-sheldon-silver-spotSeptember 9, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

More than four years ago, when I started to attack the BPCA administrations as crooks and cronies, rigging RFP contracts, selling bonds dubiously ranked as triple-A, holding up the opening of Asphalt Green to please Sheldon Silver and his Manhattan Youth, firing people for not going along with the fraud, etc., no one else had to courage to do so. Now, we have started a movement.

Downtown Express reports on how every single candidate to replace Sheldon Silver is now making BPCA reform a key platform issue. The gutless cowards are following our lead.

By the way, simply adding a few puppet BPC residents to the BPCA board will change nothing. The entire BPCA needs to be dismantled. It was never supposed to survive past the construction phase.

Concerns that turning the BPC land over to the city will lead to unkempt parks are unfounded. The parks have already been shut down, budget taken away, and the flower beds allowed to turn into weed beds.

The solution would be to create a genuine “Friends of BPC Parks”, similar to how Central Park is run. Large corporations, such as Brookfield Place, would support it.

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