Lost Photos: 1996 Med School Graduation and Miami

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December 22, 2023- I am unboxing after moving and found old photos. I had forgotten many things.

For example, I forgot that we also graduated in Ohio Stadium. I had only recalled the special graduation that was indoors.

I had also forgotten the faces of my friends, which is pathetic.

The photo above is from my second year in med school, which was 1992. We had a class golf scramble and we finished second despite having two players who had never touched a club.

On the far left is Paul Pagano. He is now an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Don’t get me started on that topic. Spine surgery is a huge scam. When I became a wall Street analyst for medical devices, I became a genuine expert on it all. DON’T GET spine surgery unless you have serious symptoms.

Next to him is Marsha Minnick. I cannot locate her because, I am assuming, she changed her name.

To my right is Lou Apostolakis. He is now an ENT in Texas. However, this is really interesting. He did a cosmetic fellowship and is a plastic surgeon. He never mentioned anything about that in med school. He was all about otolaryngology. I was the plastic surgery guy.

How ironic that Lou did what I now despise. Lou, Lou, Lou, what were you thinking, man?

On a side note, it is so sad that most surgeons spend a decade studying serious ENT or free-flaps, then become aesthetic surgeons. CMS should claw-back money spent on residency training if that happens.

Below, in the middle, is Mike Gelbart. He is a greedy radiologist now. On the right is Tony Conti (sp?), who was Mike’s friend. He strangely moved to Canada for residency.

Above is Alex Rim and me, with a naked girlfriend on South Beach where I was doing my residency. Alex was my roommate in the first year. He went to Yale undergrad and is now a Cleveland Clinic vascular surgeon.

I started med school in Alex’s class (and the golf photo people). I took a year off for research and graduated with Mike. I did my 3rd and 4th year with my new class.

Below is the photo I used for residency applications. Can you believe how little I smiled? This is before selfies. I was not making a selfie face. I was just an asshole.

Below is my Porsche 911 I brought to Miami with me.

I also found my actual grade reports from undergrad. This Summer Quarter 1990 report says it all. I knew back then that law and Wall Street are all that matters. I was a finance major who took STEM for pre-med.

I think it is pretty clear that I was superficial back then. I was a finance major going into plastic surgery, chose Miami for residency over much better spots in Ohio, and dated floozies.

I have since became someone who despises all of that. “How bizarre. Eww baby. Every time I look around, it’s in my face”, to quote OMC


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