Loud Harley’s do not honor 9/11/2001

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September 1, 2013- Opinion By Steven E. Greer

There are so many parades, motorcades, and ceremonies on September 11th each year, and weeks afterward, that people did not notice last year when a very disturbing new development took root. Dozens and dozens of old white dudes, looking for an excuse to ride their Harley Davidsons and feel macho, disgraced the 9/11 Memorial and memory of the tragic events that day on September 11th with a ten-minute-long loud caravan down the West Side Highway.

Previously, motorcycle caravans took place on days other than actual September 11th. With the ten-year anniversary being out of the way, and less attention to the 2012 events, these motorcyclists slipped into the actual 9/11 ceremonies.

If you agree that this loud obscenity defiles the 9/11 Ground Zero haloed grounds, please contact the Mayor’s and Senator Schumer’s offices. Post comments to this story as well.

Other actions you can take:

Online petition: Battery Park City Authority: Stop the corruption

100% of survey responders want Gristedes replaced

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  1. John says:

    Referring to people as ‘old white dudes’ is racist and ageist. Referring to hem in the context of trying to curtail their freedom is particularly problematic.

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