Major mistake in Downtown Express on West Thames bridge story

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December 13, 2013- As previously reported by BatteryPark.TV, the team assembled by the city to try to get the West Thames bridge moving before the Bloomberg administration leaves is spreading lies. They are telling the CB1, press, etc, that the BPCA has agreed to the required $7.5 million in funding. In fact. the BPCA has not budgeted anything into the F2014 budget for the bridge.

Downtown Express is propagating the lies by reporting, “Kevin McCabe, the authority’s spokesperson, said on Dec. 10 that the B.PC.A. has set aside $7.5 million of its 2014 capital budget toward the project, but that “the contractual commitment has not been determined.” He said the authority’s maintenance post-completion of the project is “to be determined, subject to further negotiation.””

BatteryPark.TV tried to call Downtown Express to inform them of the mistake, but as usual, the main line is designed to ring once then go quiet. None of our emails were acknowledged either.

Exclusive: West Thames bridge still stalled despite comments from the city to the contrary

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