Man arrested for jogging after dark in Prospect Park

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March 1, 2014- A local blog posted the first person account of a man arrested, held overnight, for jogging after dark in prospect Park. “I was arrested on Tuesday night for running in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park after dark. It was, by New York City law, a misdemeanor violation under penal code 103-C2: I disobeyed a park sign. So the two officers who stopped me slapped on the cuffs and — without reading my Miranda Rights — hauled me to jail wearing spandex tights and a bright orange long-sleeve shirt….I was booked and processed at the 78th Precinct around the corner from the Barclays Center and then transferred for the night to the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, where a cop remarked that my arresting officers had “caught this guy taking a leak in the park after dark.””

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