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slide-6October 12, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

American Cut recently opened in Tribeca at 363 Greenwich Street, near Franklin Street. It is a joint venture between Chef Marc Forgione and the LDV Hospitality group. The first American Cut is located in Atlantic City.

I stopped by this new Tribeca steakhouse on Thursday, and then again on Friday for a full meal. Something seemed different right away about the place, to my trained eye. It was not the typical boring Tribeca crowd seen at Locanda Verde or Nobu. There was an inordinate number of attractive ladies on both nights. The reason for the younger hipper scene is the affiliation with the LDV group, which also runs “No. 8” by The Dream Hotel and numerous of other hot spots in Miami, New York, and Atlantic City.

The owners spent several million dollars gutting the old space and constructing the new restaurant. They did so with remarkable efficiency, completing the project over just two months. The black and white marble floors and bar area seem more like an establishment within the Bellagio or Delano Hotels rather than Tribeca, which is refreshing.

The menu created by Chef Forgione is exactly what was needed in Tribeca and Battery Park City. The side dishes are creative and savory, complementing the large cuts of beef and fish.

I started with the “OG 1924 Hotel Caesar Salad” for $14. It arrives unchopped, then is prepared by the server at the table. The crispy wafer of toasted bread becomes the croutons, mixed in with a soft-boiled egg.

Forgione Caesar saladsalad

My entree was the planked salmon, cooked to my liking, with a side of twice-baked potatoes. There was no overpowering garlic or spice to ruin the dishes.

Forgione planked salmonForgione twice baked potatoeNearby tables were enjoying excellent cuts of steak.

After dinner, the highly skilled bartenders twisted my arm and served me a Chilean Pisco Sour.

Forgione Chilean Pisco SourForgione barOverall, I give American Cut three G’s out of a possible four on the SG restaurant scale.

Rating: GGG



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