Maybe 9/11 was an Attack of the Blob after all

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February 23, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

I have always been hostile to any conspiracy theories claiming that September 11, 2001 was an inside job. Every single conspiracy theory I have heard is easily disproved. For example, the morons who say that a jetliner really did not hit the Pentagon cannot explain how the passenger list proves people died. Were those several hundred people on that plane imaginary?

However, I am starting to think that it is quite possible the entire attack was planned by the CIA. The actual terrorists were useful idiots, perhaps.

Only because of recent events do we know how depraved this “Blob” is. Blob is a term used by Mike Benz. I prefer it now over “The Deep State”. Blob a very descriptive term because the entire apparatus is so amorphous that it is indeed a blob. You cannot really define it. It is an intertwining confluence of military, spy, congressional, judicial, and private sector commercial entities. As Missouri v Biden comes near in the Supreme Court (to be heard in March), the government branches of the Blob are preparing for a loss. They are outsourcing operations to private sector “NGO” entities, etc.

I am also reading a book that detailed how the British and American governments have attacked citizens on domestic soil, as part of elaborate false flag operations. They really do this (For example, look into Operation Northwood, which was concocted by the same CIA that killed a sitting president. The Gulf of Tonkin a few years later is another one.).

Was 9/11 another Operation Northwood? What would the Blob gain from such an attack?

Ed Snowden has told us how the CIA and NSA, two agencies for whom he worked, ramped up exponentially their efforts at cyber spying on domestic United States citizens after 9/11. The country was completely united in fighting terrorism. It was an opportunity never seen before by the spy agencies. They took full advantage of it.

We also know that the bio weapons programs that created the Wuhan virus and the COVID pandemic started with Dick Cheney secretly allowing them after 9/11. It was a classic propaganda psy-op to accuse someone else of doing exactly what the United States was doing. That whole “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq was a classic reversal of the truth.

We also know for a fact that the CIA had issued warnings throughout most of the year of 2001 that Osama bin Laden was going to do something, but they were ignored by W. Bush, et al. We know that most of those terrorists flying the planes had been on the radar of the FBI and CIA. Head of the CIA Mike Morrell admits to this.

Stepping back, during all wars, decisions made by federal leaders almost always are made with the knowledge that Americans will be killed. It is a mindset that collateral damage is acceptable for the bigger goals. America was at war ever since the first Gulf War in the 90’s in the view of the Blob.

The only question is whether or not 9/11 happened out of gross incompetence by the spy agencies or they allowed it to happen to take advantage of the opportunity of a crisis.

We are living in the age of enlightenment over the last few years. All of these so-called conspiracy theories have now been proven to be correct. Our governments will kill us intentionally by withholding life-saving drugs that could have cured COVID. They will lie and promote deadly gene therapy “vaccines”. The Blob has been violating the First Amendment on a massive scale, etc.

Knowing that, allowing a mere 3,000 insignificant lives to be murdered in a false flag terrorist attack on 9/11 is not inconceivable at all. It is a theory that is entirely plausible.

September 11th created the Patriot Act, which created the FISA courts, which allowed a coup of President Trump. The Blob is never going to give up that power. The Blob either won the lottery with 9/11 or it staged it using surrogates from Saudi Arabia (the only people allowed to fly after 9/11 were Saudi nationals).

(Having said all of that, the towers in New York came down due to the jet fuel of the United Airlines planes. There was no secret bomb in Tower 7. And a real jet actually hit the Pentagon.)

My surreal experiences on September 11, 2001

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