Photos: 5-13-2024: Great Blue Heron

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May 20, 2024- by Steven E Greer, MD

May 13, 2024-

Now, I know why I have seen the Great Blue Heron. The mother is ready to start teaching the baby to fly. I caught them crash landing onto a newly constructed pool enclosure at 7:00 AM.

I had an interesting thought. Animals are born with a certain amount of programming that lets them walk, fly, etc. right away. But they still need to have the more sophisticated skills taught to them from their parents.

In the case of this bird, the mother will show the bird not only how to fly, but also where to fly. It will show it how to fish and hunt.

I wrote an essay about this.

May 8, 2024- (above) Wow. This is the best photo of a bird I have taken. The reflection is great. It looks like I used a filter to give it an oil painting look, but I did not.

May 6, 2024-
(above) The Great Blue Heron flew over to my backyard for the first time. It was like a Sandhill Crane, but the longer neck means it has to curl it and retract it when flying unlike the cranes and storks.April 17, 2024- (above) The Great Blue Heron was sitting on a house about 240-yards away.

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