Meatless diets are a bad idea

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April 29, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I foolishly went meatless for about two-years. I was conned by a Hollywood propaganda piece claiming that meatless diets are superior.

I dropped the program after finding it too hard to eat when I traveled. I also saw no benefits. I was losing muscle mass and not getting lean.

I saw this old History Channel video recently. It was made before the censors were controlling content. I doubt they could make such a claim today with the “climate crisis” and “cows are bad” psy-ops.

When humans transitioned from being roaming hunter-gatherers to farmers, about 5,000 years ago, the wheat they ate, as opposed to meat, caused them to shrink in height by 5-inches and lifespan dropped by about 13-years.

Interestingly, the Southern European Romans, who were conquered by the Vikings, commented about the huge size of these men. They were still hunting and eating fish in Scandinavian.

Anecdotally, I have seen several examples of public figures who turned ghastly after meatless diets. President Bill Clinton, director James Cameron, former muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger, and golfer Rocco Mediate are a few I can note.

For the best diet, simply avoid oils and excessive amounts of sucrose. Fried food is the main source for oils. Doing that will address obesity. For cancer-free longevity, prepare your own food and avoid the hundreds of toxic chemicals in packaged food.

That is all I do now. I make very little effort to stay in shape, but I am quite fit. I just do barbell and body weights at home. The most radical thing I do is make almost all of my food at home. With inflation, it is also a way to cut costs.

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