Mike Fortenbaugh’s boats are back on New York Harbor

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Mike Fortenbaughs boats 5-19-2015May 19, 2015- I recently lamented at the sight of an empty New York Harbor without the sailing club boats of the old North Cove Marina. Well, Mike Fortenbaugh’s new sailing school in New Jersey is in operation and on the water. So is his floating bar-boat: the William Wallace.

Given the fact that Brookfield Properties has been unable to finalize a contract to operate the marina yet, ruining the entire season, one could argue that the entire RFP is now null and void. Could we see Mr. Fortenbaugh return to North Cove Marina?

Keep up the fight, sailors. Attend the BPCA meetings. Send letters to Governor Cuomo.

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2 Responses to Mike Fortenbaugh’s boats are back on New York Harbor

  1. JohnC says:

    It would be interesting to capitalize on the presence of scores of thousands attendees during one of the many races that run through battery park by setting up a massive protest that highlights the corrupt BPCA’s usurpation of public park space (North Marina).

  2. Callahan says:

    Fortenbaugh has proven , once again , how a real club is run .

    While BPC residents got royally screwed, Jersey City is reaping the rewards of a community-based Sailing School and Children’s Sailing Camp

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