Milford Management hires man embroiled in Rep. Rangel scandals

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Darryl RankinMarch 8, 2014- In 2010, venerable United States congressman Charlie Rangel was investigated by the House Ethics Committee. Among other findings of wrongdoing, it was revealed that a Harlem apartment complex was inappropriately giving Mr. Rangel discounted housing. The building manager for the complex at the time was Darryl Rankin.

In February of 2014, Mr. Rankin was hired by Milford Management. An email from Milford’s senior executive Steve Rossi to residents in Battery Park City stated, “I am pleased to announce that Darryl Rankin has joined the Milford Management team in the Battery Park Office. Darryl has over 20 years experience managing a number of high end condominiums, cooperatives and rental properties in New York City. Prior to entering the real estate industry Darryl Rankin served as a non-commissioned office in the US Marine Corp. (you will be meeting him over the next few months).”

In a 2010 article in The Post, “A Feb. 10, 2005, memo from Lenox General Manager Darryl Rankin to Rubler includes a list of 15 VIP tenants who should get tender loving care — including the congressman, Paterson and two Rangel congressional staffers, James Capel and Melvin Norris, among others. Rankin put the list together at Rubler’s request.

In a subsequent e-mail to employees, Rankin said any problems regarding the VIP tenants “should be flagged immediately,” and ordered that “no legal or collection actions are initiated against any of these apartments without notifying me first in advance.”

A House panel found Rangel guilty of violating the ethics code by his misuse of a rent-stabilized apartment on the 10th floor at Lenox as a campaign office, calling the sweetheart deal an improper “favor.”

Exclusive: Milford Management’s Lorraine Doyle “retires”

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