Mobs of Tribecans meet the opening of China Blue

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Blue China frontDecember 13, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

I visited China Blue tonight on the second day of their soft opening. However, it seemed more like an establishment that had been around for a while given the large crowd and wait for a table. Clearly, people were anticipating this opening. The entire strip of Washington Street has been closed since Hurricane Sandy, and China Blue was replacing a landmark in Capsouto Frères.

Blue China dining room crowdRight away, it is obvious that China Blue is a true upscale Chinese restaurant: something that Downtown needs. The new interior is modeled after an early 20th Century Chinese restaurant theme. For larger parties, a side room that resembles a library is available.

Blue China reading roomThe menu consists of classic authentic Shanghai dishes. Entrees are $14 to $25 and ample in portion (Unlike Mr. Chow in Tribeca). The smaller dishes, such as dumplings, are enough to serve as an entree for one.

Blue China noodles and porkI tried the noodles and pork in a soup bowl. My dining companions tried the pork dumplings and chicken with chestnuts.

Blue China pork dumplingThe bartendresses were nice and attractive. However, it is unfair to judge a restaurant’s service before they even open, so we will not dwell on the computer glitches that were stressing out the owner, Ms. Yiming Wang (along with her husband, Xian Zhang). The food was at a discount, and drinks were free, to compensate the diners for a slightly slow delivery of the food. I was happy.

Blue China bartenderAs usual, I will go back and draft more comprehensive a review. Enjoy the photos in the meantime.

China Blue whole fish

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3 Responses to Mobs of Tribecans meet the opening of China Blue

  1. Steve Montgomery says:

    I like your posting on China Blue!

    Best regards,

    Steven Montgomery

  2. Max Alvarez says:

    Thank you for this encouraging review of China Blue! I attended the soft opening and cannot wait to return. Superb décor and thoroughly professional wait staff coupled with delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. The most stressful part for me was deciding which dish or order! Kudos to the restaurant for keeping the music at a tasteful pitch so that diners can actually engage in comfortable conversations, unlike most NYC bistros.

  3. Christine says:

    Really like Battery Park TV. Has a very good feel.

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