Review: Modern marijuana is too strong

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Pot smoke in apartment stairwellMarch 6, 2015- By Steven E. Greer, MD

I am not morally opposed to marijuana, but I despise the drug for many scientific reasons. First of all, it is indeed damaging to the brain when used chronically, and every pothead I have known uses it daily. This myth that “pot is safe” is nonsense. Secondly, the drug turns the pot smoker into a lazy unreliable person. I can’t stand to be around them. Thirdly, marijuana is indeed a gateway to other harder drugs, according to the NIH.

With the Mayor of New York pronouncing that it is now essentially legal to carry around a big bag of ganja, the usage is skyrocketing. The strong stench of pot is poisoning New York apartment buildings, wafting into dwellings where children and elderly live. That secondhand smoke will indeed get the inhaler high.

The modern varieties of marijuana plants are much stronger than what the hippies smoked at Woodstock in 1969. Overdoses have become a major problem is states where marijuana has been legalized, such as Colorado. Edible forms are even more dangerous.

I was recently out on the town with some club-going whippersnappers. The party ended up in some crappy Chinatown apartment, where a massive amount of pot was being ignited. I found myself getting high just being in the room and tried to breathe fresh air through an open window, but it did not help. I was getting paranoid and anxious. I thought it was just my low tolerance, but my veteran stoner friends for the evening also found this variety of pot to be way too strong and we had to leave.

In addition to pure marijuana being deceptively potent, synthetic pot, also known as bath salts, create psychosis that can lead to homicidal and suicidal behavior. Many of the high-profile mass shootings were perpetrated by men using marijuana and bath salts who had gone insane.

The mainstream press refuses to report on the safety hazards of pot. Instead, most stories portray marijuana use as a humorous topic to giggle about. Desperate for ratings, CNN now has anchors getting high live on the air, and “Doctor” Sanjay Gupta becoming a pot advocate. It’s all a lie.

Modern marijuana is highly potent and dangerous. It’s not a joke.

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