More conflicts of interest from the Bill Thompson era BPCA

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Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson

January 16, 2013 By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously reported how a BPCA board member, Martha Gallo, seemed uncomfortable discussing the issue of whether fraud transpired in the BPCA, during a pre-audit board meeting this month. There could be many reasons for this. After all, the former Chairman, Bill Thompson, and former CEO, Gayle Horwitz, both abruptly resigned in 2012.

A Daily News article, which was later pulled from the site, reported that, while still Chairman of the BPCA, Mr. Thompson was receiving Mayoral campaign donations for his 2013 run, and those donations came from large corporations who also pay rent to the BPCA, posing a conflict of interest.

President/CEO Horwitz resigned one day after BP.TV exclusively reported that the BPCA

Randy Mastro

Randy Mastro

had been paying a high-power litigator, Randy Mastro, to secretly renegotiate the contract with Asphalt Green. That news conflicted with the public statements from the BPCA in town hall meetings.

In the New York Post today, it was revealed that lawyer Mastro is also the largest fundraiser for Bill Thompson’s Mayoral campaign. Therefore, while Bill Thompson was Chairman of the BPCA, he was paying the law firm of Mr. Mastro, who then became the largest campaign fundraiser, raising more questions of conflict of interest from the old BPCA administration.

Several staff hired by Thomson and Horwitz remain employed at the BPCA, including Anne Fenton. BP.TV has learned that Ms. Fenton was awarded a $45,000 raise and promotion in responsibilities.

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2 Responses to More conflicts of interest from the Bill Thompson era BPCA

  1. amy greenberg says:

    I am hoping this information is shared more broadly with the NY press. $45,000 raise? Are you serious? This is probably a 50% (at least raise). This seems excessive? Did she bring $1M in revenue to the BPCA?

  2. JFC says:

    No surprise that Martha Gallo was uncomfortable answering any questions. She is the consumate insider, and while she knows where all the bones are buried, it probably never occurred to her that she would EVER have to answer any tough questions. She resided comfortably, knowing that Shel Silver would clean-up any problems & the numerous illegalities that routinely happen, out of sight to the public. And since we live in a completely insulated community, rigid ideology is accepted as natural as water.

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