The ferry boat horn blowing noise nuisance coming to Pier-A

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Circleline by Pier AJanuary 29, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Last month, the CB1 entertained the thought of allowing the company “Manhattan by Sail”, operated by Tom Berton, to dock their large Clipper City sailboat at Pier-A. We reported that BPCA studies have shown that the wood piles holding up Pier-A are structurally unsound to dock boats. Moreover, small vessels have an alarmingly high rate of accidents, which would endanger the diners on the planks of Pier-A. In fact, Clipper City itself crashed off of the Statue of liberty requiring an energy evacuation of 130 passengers.

Now, the CB1 February agenda lists a presentation by New York Water Taxi. They want to have dozens of daily taxi dockings at Pier-A. What could go wrong?

Oh, by the way, the Coast Guard laws will require the boats to disturb the peace in all of South BPC will three loud horn blasts each time they dock.

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