More pro-Big Real Estate infomercials masquerading as news in the New York Post

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shop_south-street-seaport_aerialDecember 1, 2014- As old media print papers struggle to survive, they no longer even attempt to be ethical when it comes to pandering to deep pocket PR campaigns. The NY Post routinely writes “stories” that are favorable to a real estate project because the paper is paid handsomely to write the propaganda.

Last week, the Post spread the false rumor that Le District in Brookfield was “opening soon”. This week, they carry water for Howard Hughes with an editorial supporting the Seaport project.

The advertisement, I mean “editorial”, states, “”Building a tower at the South Street Seaport is like building a tower at Colonial Williamsburg,” says Manhattan beep Gale Brewer. Doesn’t she realize that her borough, unlike Colonial Williamsburg, is famous for its skyscrapers?”.

BatteryPark.TV actually agrees with the pro-Howard Hughes article, but that is not the point. The Post should never be trusted on any real estate article. That is the point. In this case, they are correct, but a broken clock is correct twice a day.

By the way, the “Save the Seaport” group is just a hoax. It is all orchestrated by Howard Hughes.


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