More “service animal” scams

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Dogs on planeJanuary 26, 2014- BP.TV recently reported on the concept of nutjob dog owners pretending to be mentally disabled in order to take own dogs in buildings that forbid dogs. Government bureaucrats are actually enabling this, apparently because it seems like a politically popular strategy.

Well, it’s happening again, “The federal government is suing a housing co-op on the Lower East Side on behalf of three residents who are not allowed to keep their emotional support dogs. The original lawsuit, which was filed against East River Housing Corp., in December 2013, claimed the housing cooperative, located at 573 Grand St., violated the Fair Housing Act, and discriminated against a tenant, Stephanie Aaron, by refusing to accommodate her psychiatric disability.”

Local man convinces the State of New York to sue on his behalf in dog dispute

The “Support dog” scam now invades jet planes

The O’Reilly Factor discusses “Therapy Dogs”

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