Correction: NYPD Highway Patrol screaming at drivers in Battery Tunnel traffic stings

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April 12, 2015- We have a major correction to make. The agency making this noise is not the MTA. The First Precinct Community Affairs told us that it was the MTA. It is actually the Highway Patrol unit of the NYPD.

April 7, 2015- The MTA apparently has jurisdiction over some of the tunnels. At the Battery Tunnel entrance near West Thames, the MTA Bridge and Tunnel “peace officers” (not actual MTA police) have been conducting some sort of traffic sting for the last week.

In the video, you can hear the MTA mall cops berating and intimidating unsuspecting drivers they snare in their trap. These MTA “peace officers” are obviously untrained thugs who make NYPD Detective Cherry look like a polite gentleman.

BatteryPark.TV continues to believe that the MTA is so poorly managed by the governor of New York, that the federal government needs to seize it and dismantle the leadership. Eight million New Yorkers have their daily routine severely hampered by MTA workers making more than $100,000. It is time for the masses to rise up and rebel against the MTA.

(A previous post incorrectly called these MTA cars “police” officers)


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