Museum of Feelings comes down

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November 24, 2015- The Museum of Feelings opens to the public today. Here’s a sneak peak.

Update December 1, 2015- At the CB1 meeting tonight, I asked the BPCA spokesperson, Robin Forst, whether the BPCA allowed the permit for this building, and she said that they did. She also believed that the current location of the building was on Brookfield property and not public space. She could be wrong and will check on that.

This is important, because now that Brookfield controls the marina, many have wondered what the new boundaries are for them. Will we see more uses of our space like this museum building?

The Museum of Feelings is a for-profit giant advertisement for S.C. Johnson’s Glade brand. This means that it is very likely that Brookfield made money by allowing this advertisement to go up, which would be a distributing new tactic used by the BPCA and Brookfield.

Update December 15, 2015- The exhibit has closed and the white eyesore is coming down.

Museum of Feelings from south of marina

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