My $2,000 Ethan Allen chair/ottoman is fake leather

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Ottoman fake leather close upJanuary 8, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

In our series exposing the pervasive problem of counterfeit leather and clothing material making its way into products sold at reputable stores, we add this. BP.TV just realized that our $2,000 “leather” chair and ottoman purchased at Ethan Allen is made of not just cheap leather, but rather completely imitation leather it seems. Leather does not have small fibers in it (see photo)!

Artificial leather is easy to pawn off because it takes years to notice. By then, it is too late for the customer to return the product. It is possible to detect fake leather if you study up on the Internet and look carefully before buying.

The mainstream media will not report on this epidemic of counterfeit materials being sold at reputable shops because those retailers control the advertising bucks.

WSJ explains how cotton and other commodities are often counterfeit

Tip: How to avoid buying junk clothing

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  1. Paula Mandeville says:

    Hello, BP.TV. I work for Ethan Allen and we are very intersted in obtaining more information about these items so that we can look into this. Could you please provide to me via email the item numbers of your pieces shown here? That information can be found on the law labels attached to the items. Thank you in advance!

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