My issues with the Dr. Malone’s and Scott Atlas’ on TV

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April 2, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I am a big fan of Robert Malone, MD. He and I seem to have similar styles of observing and writing about the pandemic and new Dark Ages of science. However, I have a bone to pick with him and others, respectfully (Here it comes. I said “With all due respect.” Ergo, a big insult is about to be unleashed).

Today, Dr. Malone blasted an essay detailing his hectic global travels and the torture of having to be in Paris in Spring: the horror. He was at a confabulation as the keynote speaker to make another Great Declaration against tyranny.

These great declarations are nothing but a window into the mind of the arrogance of academic doctors. For example, The Great Barrington Declaration was completely impotent. But the authors really thought it would make a difference. They did not think it was just some symbolic statement. In their hubris, they thought it would actually make the crooked governments change.

I understand that we have to start somewhere, like the Declaration of Independence. But that document led to real war and real changes. These doctors seem to have no appetite for that. As much as Peter McCullough and Robert Malone complain about being the victims of the Great Reset propagandists, and they are, they are not being impacted personally. They still have incomes, are made into celebrities in Paris, etc.

This is my problem with most of these doctors you see on TV (speaking now when it is safe to do so, unlike me who was vocal from Day 1). They are not willing to actually fight.

For example, Scott Atlas, MD was handed a powerful platform within the White House as the pandemic was developing. He now reports in his book how poorly the operations were going under Deborah Birx (AKA Scarf Lady) and Tony Virus. Yet he did not speak up. He resigned instead. He was petrified by the opposition because was too much of an establishment Stanford-Think-Tank academic.

This is a war and they don’t get it. The Great Reset propaganda machine does not give a damn about true science and yet they are still trying to fight with true science. They are bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Doctors need to start suing in federal court. None of them are lifting a finger to sue in Federal Court other than me, to my knowledge. Doctors have to start running for Congress (stay tuned). Doctors who are already in Congress need to get off of their Uniparty cowardly asses and do something. If not, they need to be primaried.

Update April 10, 2022- Well, Dr. Malone has promptly redeemed himself. He sued the New York Times for defamation and is organizing anti-mandate political rallies.

Update May 5, 2022- Holy cow, Dr. Malone has now set up a small team dedicated to identifying and outing all of the stooges trained by the Klaus Schwab Academy of Great Reset Stooges

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5 Responses to My issues with the Dr. Malone’s and Scott Atlas’ on TV

  1. Larry says:

    You have entered a New Phase with this post Steve.
    It’s the shot across the bow.
    It’s Lexington and Concord.
    It’s Fort Sumter.
    It’s The Wake Up Call (to Action)

  2. Editor says:

    High praise

  3. Former Reader says:

    1. Malone amd Atlas are two wildly different people; Malone is an actual scientist, a privately funded individual speaking out in an area for which he is uniquely qualified… Atlas is a government funded propagandist. Conflating the two is the worst kind of idiocy, and a clear sign that I need to quit reading you.

    2 What, specifically and in action packed detail, have you done that has had any effect whatsoever on the behaviour of government you claim you are “fighting” in ways you feel that Malone is not?

    3. The Great Barrington Declaration was organized and publicized very, very, very early in the “pandemic”…..and its complete suppression in the mainstream media served as tangible proof to many people that this massive propaganda operation was real…… that alone has had more influence than every one of your mostly-self-serving “newsletters”

    4. I only hope you were drunk when you wrote all this, because it reeks of stupidity.

  4. Christine R Carman says:

    The closer you are to those in power, the closer you are to be “Clintonized.” I can see why anyone would be afraid to speak up or make waves.

  5. Editor says:

    Dear “Former Reader”

    I take great joy when someone like you does the usual “You are irrelevant” “No one listens to you” and then you disprove your own case by:

    A) reading my stuff
    B) being so afraid of me that you do not post your real name

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