My new appreciation for insects

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November 26, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

This is something else about wildlife that I have observed down here in Florida: Not all insects are reproducing by the thousands and insignificant specs of life. Some of them behave like vertebrates.

This stick bug is actually two bugs.  There is a little small one on top of it. I think they mate.  But they have been my neighbor, hanging out at my house, for several months now. I never thought insects had a long lifespan and would stay in one area like that.

There is also a mud wasp. They go to extraordinary lengths to make little round wads of mud on the side of the house. But inside each one is a single larva that is feeding off of a spider. So, the mud wasps have a niche of praying upon spiders, paralyzing them, and then putting them inside the cocoon to feed the larva.

Butterfly are more complex than we realize. Monarchs fly long distances to migrate.

Ants might be the most amazing insects of them all. The way they communicate and get things done is unfathomable.

I have a new respect for insects.

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