Steve Greer’s Stock Picks: My video tour of Tesla and Apple stores

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January 18, 2022– by Steven E. Greer, MD

By sheer coincidence today, just hours after I started my short positions on Tesla and Apple stocks, when I went to return my Apple Airpods at the Fort Worth store, I was right across the street from a Tesla store. I am probably the greatest stock picker alive right now. Enjoy my video.

Update January 27, 2022- I told you so. Tesla reported earnings and the stock tanked 11% because the company cannot make enough new cars (see my comment in video about how they cannot even get cars to the showroom). Also, as I predicted, the hyped Tesla truck is just a marketing gimmick and will not become a reality before 2025. In fact, Elon Musk said that humanoid robots take a priority over new cars now. Elon Musk is a snake oil salesman.


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