Mystery yacht is chased out of North Cove Marina

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Token yacht in North Cove Marina 4-22-2015

Update May 6, 2015- At the CB1 meeting last night, Kathleen Gupta raised the issue of this mystery yacht asking the BPCA representatives about security in the marina right now. The Brookfield Properties contract for the marina is stalled, so she wanted to know who is providing security. The BPCA’s Kevin McCabe and Robin Forst claimed to have no knowledge of this boat, Algorithms.

April 24, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

After BP.TV called the Coast Guard yesterday and had them question the unmarked mystery yacht in North Cove Marina, the boat is now on the run. GPS indicates that boat, called Algorithms, is heading north on the Hudson River. BP.TV chased it out, with the help of viewers like you.

It is still unknown who owns the boat, but our investigators think that it might belong to a high frequency trader who used to work at Millennium Partners Hedge fund and Morgan Stanley.

Track the low speed chase live on this link.

Coast Guard boat investigating unmarked yacht


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