Nearby sports complex Pier 40 might be shut down

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August 18, 2012

The New York Times is reporting that the nearby sports facility at Pier 40 might be shut down due to the cost of repairs as the infrastructure ages. The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) operates the facility. It also operates the “Pataki Highway” and the West Thames Park in BPC.

Our own Battery Park City Authority should take a cue from the HRPT before spending millions more on the money pit at Pier A . The BPCA might want to consider selling Pier A to the federal government, which owns the nearby war monuments, or to the for-profit developers who will benefit from Pier A.

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2 Responses to Nearby sports complex Pier 40 might be shut down

  1. SPARKY says:

    Facilities such as Pier 40 should be self sustaining. If that means fees for its users – so be the case. As for the Battery Park City Authority, Given the outrages PILOT fees collected, it is unfathomable they are short of funds. As for the city pumping money into Pier 40, I think the city ought to be maintaining the facilities they already have. Has anyone notice how the center boulevard along West st has not been maintained and has become a giant weed garden?

  2. TRUTHY says:

    Pier A is a money pit. More government programs run by cronies.

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