New City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is a multi-millionaire

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mark viveritoJanuary 13, 2014- That new City Council Speaker who markets herself as a champion of the 99% poor working class is secretly a multimillionaire. Her father in Puerto Rico was a successful eye doctor and sold a hospital for $165 Million.

City&State reports, “She is less widely recognized as a millionaire who grew up in an exclusive suburb of San Juan, and who established residence in her district only four years before first seeking election there….

The Councilmember’s inherited wealth, which appears to have made her among the richest members of the new Council, has been buried in her official biography, which stresses her public service. However, records indicate that Mark-Viverito’s father, Dr. Anthony Mark, was a successful eye doctor and the founder of San Pablo Hospital, one of the largest private hospitals in Puerto Rico, which was sold in 1998 for at least $165 million…..

Financial disclosure documents submitted by Mark-Viverito’s office indicate that she has personal wealth in the range of $1 to $2 million, largely in shared interest in condominiums and other real estate in Puerto Rico, including a 12-acre finca on the eastern shore of Puerto Rico, in Ceiba. (Intriguingly, the family’s estate abuts the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, which was the longtime base of the US Naval Forces Southern Command, and which oversaw the bombing tests on nearby Vieques that so incensed the future councilmember. Sometimes NIMBY works in strange and wonderful ways.)”

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  1. jfc says:

    No doubt this woman is evil and a crony capitalist, like deBlasio.

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