Exclusive: New operators for the Downtown Connection bus chosen

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Update June 9, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

As a direct result of BateryPark.TV reporting and negotiations with the Downtown Alliance, a new company has been selected to operate the Downtown Connection buses. the company will be Golden Touch and begin service in the Fall.

Update March 21, 2015- The weekend drivers are either derelict, sleeping somewhere instead of working, or the company is cutting corners and not putting drivers on the job. For many months, there has been no bus service from Whole Foods back to Battery Park. Also, the GPS on the buses has been deactivated, making it impossible to track the buses.

Per below, a new bus operator was supposed to have been chosen by now….

February 20, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I spoke with Andy Breslau of the Downtown Alliance to get an update on the RFP process to select a new operator of the bus service, which is funded mostly by BPCA dollars (i.e. you the BPC resident). The RFP deadline has passed and the “numerous” applications are being reviewed. Hew could not give an exact date for the decision.

Since BatteryPark.TV began reporting on the egregious behavior of the current operator, which included complaints of the buses not stopping at bus stops, drivers cranking up the radios, eating while driving, and even threats of violence from bus dispatchers to people making complaints, the buses have improved slightly. The radios were removed form the buses and they are now stopping at the bus stops. However, there remains much to be desired. The bus that picks up people from Whole Foods and drives toward BPC has lengthy 20-minute delays, for example.

Downtown Alliance to select new bus company

Should the Downtown Connection bus service we pay for be only for BPC residents?


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