New York chefs have officially given up

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Porch LightSeptember 8, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

After having become the world’s expert on Blue Smoke, and spotting the trouble they were having selling expensive $30 entrees with pretentious compositions, I knew right away why the same Danny Meyer and Mark Maynard-Parisi team opened a “pure bar” called Porch Light on 28th Street and 11th Avenue. They saw from Blue Smoke that people will pay for $10 beers and not be disappointed. Whereas, making food is much harder.

The profit margin on bars is also higher. As the rent bubble expands, places that serve good affordable food are becoming rare.

So, it is no surprise to me to learn that this is a new trend in New York: Skilled chefs giving up and opening bars instead of “restaurants”. The New York Times features several in the city.

I have been to some of these uppity bars and they are terrible. They neither have good food nor good scenery.

If you want to meet boring people in bad marriages, go to Porch Light, or just join Ashley Madison.

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