New York Dolls sued by strippers

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New York DollsSeptember 17, 2013- The NY Post is reporting that strippers at Downtown’s very own New York Dolls are suing because of onerous work conditions. No, not the “forced to get naked” part, but rather because they were not allowed to wear glitter.

The article states, “The owners of three Manhattan strip clubs were slapped with a class-action suit Tuesday by two former dancers who claim they were forced to follow a long list of rules in order to shed their clothes at the high-end skin palaces. The strippers say the management at the Flashdancers, Private Eyes and New York Dolls clubs made them “maintain at least three sets of uniforms — two gowns and one swimsuit — for each shift worked.” The Manhattan federal court filing also notes that the gals were prohibited from “using glitter and/or heavy perfume,” “carrying cell phones on the dance floor” and “chewing gum while at work.” The work rules were included to bolster claims that father-and-son owners Barry Lipsitz and Barry Lipsitz Jr. illegally misclassified their dancers as “independent contractors” in order to deny them minimum wage and overtime payments.”

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  1. Tom says:

    CB1 gives out liquor licenses like candy. rarely much of a battle is needed.

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