New York Harbor now devoid of recreational boats in the wake of Mike Fortenbaugh’s eviction from North Cove Marina

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Empty New York Harbor 5-10-2015May 10, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

What is missing from this photo? There are virtually no recreational sailboats now since Mike Fortenbaugh’s sailing school was closed down by the BPCA. The marina sits empty, impacting all of New York City.

Only in New York can real estate companies command such clout and get their way with the politicians. Brookfield Properties has never managed a marina, yet somehow they were able to win the RFP for the North Cove Marina over Mike Fortenbaugh. Now, there is still no contract between Brookfield and the BPCA resulting in no sailing school activity.

What can the community expect if the Offshore Sailing School is ever allowed into the marina? Not much. They have been operating out of Pier 25 for years and almost no one has signed up. Today, all of their sailboats were docked and idle in the Pier 25 cove.

Dennis Mehiel, the CEO of the BPCA, orchestrated the ouster of Mr. Fortenbaugh, culminating in the January 22nd BPCA board meeting vote. He is now also holding up the contract with Brookfield Properties, rubbing salt into the community’s wounds making it so that no replacement sailing club can take place.

The next BPCA board meeting is May 19th. The same angry mob that turned out in January should turn out again.


Sailing June 26 2012Photo of Mike Fortenbaugh’s sailing club in action last year
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