News reports confirm Citi Bike scam we first reported

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Citi Bikes in snowSeptember 12, 2014- The Post confirms what BatteryPark.TV previously reported, that the broke Citi Bike company is using late fees as a way to bring in desperately needed cash, “Citi Bike is raking in millions of dollars in late fees — including from clueless tourists who don’t know the rules and annual members who constantly struggle to find a working dock, The Post has learned. The bike-share program has collected more than $4 million in late fees since it started, with the bulk of the money coming from riders who get passes for a day or week.”

However, it is worse than what the Post describes. The company is allowing the malfunctioning docking stations to generate bogus late fees. This has happened to me many times.

Caution: Citi Bike company routinely charging credit cards for bogus reasons

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