NID-tax in zombie status

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June 25, 2013- With the passage in the state legislature of the amendment to the Hudson River Park Trust Act that allows revenue to be raised via the sale of air rights, the fate of the alternative revenue raising plan, the NID-tax, seemed uncertain at best. Recall, one camp wanted to sell air rights over Pier 40 to raise funds to maintain the facility and the other camp wanted to levy a new NID-tax.

During the monthly Community Board 1 meeting tonight, former board member Michael Levine, who has been a champion of the NID-tax, gave an update. He proclaimed that the NID-tax was not “dead”, but rather delayed. Now, at best, the attempts to move it along through the city council process will not begin until after the Fall elections. Under the new mayor and city council, 2014 will be the soonest the NID-tax will be revisited.

Mr. Levine seemed to be “saving face” and refusing to capitulate to opponents. Meanwhile, the NID-tax is a zombie piece of legislation.

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