North Cove Marina esplanade lights now working

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DSC00607March 16, 2013

A mere five months after Hurricane Sandy floods knocked out the Brookfield Property park lights along the marina esplanade, Brookfield finally got them back working. Residents were forced to endure blinding nighttime spotlights and noisy generators in the meantime.


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2 Responses to North Cove Marina esplanade lights now working

  1. EddieD says:

    Good to hear that the North Cove lights are working again, but the big question for me is: When (if ever) will the South Cove lights be working? Years ago, South Cove was surrounded by decorative blue lights on posts and decorative lavendar lights along the edge of the seawall. They slowly burned out and were never replaced. There are only a few left. Is the BPCA so incompetent that they can’t keep the lights on?

  2. Editor says:

    They probably do not even know. If you do the following it will get results ASAP. File an official complaint at 311. It creates a paper trail. Make sure to mention that the lack of lighting is also unsafe.


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