Judge denies FiDi lawsuit to block a criminal court on John Street

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66 John Street

January 8, 2014- The judge has declined to sign the OTC Temporary Restraining Order, citing that the case is unlikely to win on merits. Therefore, the community will have to spend considerable time and money to fight this in a multi-year process. Translation: say hello to the new criminal court on 66 John.

December 27, 2013- Seeing the success Tribecans had at blocking the criminal court from coming to 71 Thomas, Fidelians (people of FiDi) are now suing to block the 66 John Street probation court. The Daily News reports, “NYC faces lawsuit over Probation Department’s relocation to Financial District….Residents, Pace University and Century 21 claim in the lawsuit filed in a Manhattan Supreme Court that the city gave little notice of its plans to move the department to 66 John St., which they say would bring dozens of violent cons to their neighborhood threatening safety.”

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