Now, it is finally time to start remembering 9/11

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September 11, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

On September 11th, 2001, Muslim jihadists funded by Saudi Arabia, led by Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda, perpetrated the attacks of the World Trade Centers, The Pentagon, and The White House (the jetliner aiming for The White House was downed in a Pennsylvania field when heroic passengers took over the pane). Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

The only commercial flights allowed in the air after the attacks were carrying members of the Saudi royal family out of the country. It was cleared by The White House. Because of Dick Cheney’s business ties with oil and Saudi Arabia through his company Halliburton, the same people who fueled the radical terrorists were treated like royalty by the president of the United States.

The attacks resulted in the largest military campaign the world has ever seen, and it is ongoing now. The United States has spent trillions and increased the debt to incomprehensible levels.

However, even worse than that, the attacks succeeded in destroying much of our freedoms that were once protected by the Bill of Rights. The incompetent George W. Bush and his external brain, Dick Cheney, rushed though congress the Patriot Act that allows the numerous U.S. spy agencies to skirt the Fourth Amendment and spy on Americans.

Osama bin Laden succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in hurting this nation. He predicted that America was weak and vulnerable, which allowed the attacks, and that the Deep State would respond by taking away our freedoms.

Shortly after those attacks, I moved to Battery Park City in 2002, which is a few hundred yards away from Ground Zero. That neighborhood was evacuated and under debris after the attacks.

I lived there for 19-years, but on every September 11th afterward, I would go out of my way to ignore the ceremonies taking place across the street. I never once walked over there to watch them. I was too close to it all. I felt like they were unwanted intrusions. I was trying to forget.

I was in the air that morning on my way to DC. It took me 10-years to even write down my memoirs of the events.

It was not PTSD for me. I was just annoyed by the constant peeling of the scab. It was time to heal.

I think a lot of New Yorkers were like me. They did not want these outsiders from Washington, DC coming in and participating in ceremonies meant to prop up their approval ratings. New Yorkers lived through 9/11. They did not need ceremonies.

But now that I have moved away and time has passed, I care more about the annual event. I find even myself forgetting basic details of it. That is why I stated at the beginning of this essay what happened.

The human memory is very fragile. Memorials to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are important.

Kids graduating from high school now were not born on 9/11. A stunning number of them do not even know what year 9/11 took place or who were behind the attacks. As congresswoman and jihadist Ilhan Omar stated with vagueness, “Some people did something” That is the extent of knowledge most young people have of 9/11.

The story of 9/11 needs to be remembered not just for the heartbreak but also for the damage it caused to this nation. Americans need to be reminded about the Bill of Rights and the Patriot Act.

The FISA courts created by the Patriot Act were weaponized by the Deep State in a failed coup d’état meant to bring down President Trump. The spy agencies, which are the Deep State, abuse their powers and violate the Fourth Amendment, as Ed Snowden pointed out. Our federal budget grew to fund the idiot wars in Iraq and Middle East and was never reduced. As a result (along with TARP after the 2009 Great Depression), our nation is now fiscally insolvent. It and the entire global economy are a charade that will come down like a house or cards.

One narcissistic fascist man from Saudi Arabia named Osama bin Laden did far more damage to the United States than Hitler or the Imperial Japanese Army were ever able to do. The 9/11 ceremonies need to be about awareness of those scars so that we can work toward healing them.

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  1. John says:

    Hi Doctor Greer:

    Agree with most of your essay, but there is a demarcation of those who “…did not want these outsiders from Washington, DC coming in…”, and residents and individuals who lived through it. For the latter, many Battery Park City residents lost relatives, business associates, and casual acquaintances. Others waited by their phone praying loved ones would phone to say all well.

    Sorry, those who see the annual commemoration as a “political calculation” see that in everything a politician does: their hardness of heart to the consequences of that day is pathetic. For family and close friends of the deceased, it is no different than visiting a grave site to pay respects, and tell the deceased how much you love them…and its especially true for those who never had remains to inter.

    For residents its a way of thanking God for the well being of you and yours that horrific day. Assuming you truly are not suffering from PTSD the only way you don’t “peel the scab” is to harden your heart: you cherry pick the familial and family deaths, national tragedies, etc. you allow your heart to acknowledge. Not to wonder about your motivations; however, let’s face it, you routinely and with great purpose analyze public figure all the time – that makes you fair game. Perhaps as a Doctor trained to keep an emotional distance from the suffering and death you routinely encounter that built in safety valve is kicking in. I’m not in the medical field, but be it PTSD, or other psychological issues, in most if not all cases isn’t the best medicine to allow ones feelings to constructively express themselves and not suppress them?

    You might enjoy reading KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM by Dr. Remen for some helpful insight.

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