NY ferry boats not safe to ride, claim the captains

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Paint peeling from NY waterway boatApril 7, 2014- BatteryPark.TV has previously warned of the unsafe conditions on the small NY Waterway, and other, ferry boats that traverse the East and Hudson rivers. Not only are the boats in obvious disrepair, but the managing company, Billbay, skimps and hires only one human to man the boats. That means it would take only one loss of attention, seizure, or hear attack, to turn those ferries into floating torpedoes.

In the NY Post over the weekend, the captains of the much larger Staten Island ferry boats warned that they ships are poorly constructed and pose a threat to the seaworthiness. Recall, 11 people died in 2003 when one of them careened in to the dock at high speed.

Do these NY Waterway ferries look safe to you?

Another ferry boat crash

The program funding new diesel engines for the NY Waterway boats



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