NYMEX building secretly burning something

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NYMEX buildingAugust 4, 2013- Yesterday, a viewer sent us a short video of black smoke coming from the roof of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Building by the Irish memorial and Conrad Hotel. We dismissed it as a non-story.

Then tonight, this reporter was on the roof of the Conrad and saw billowing silos of smoke from three exhaust pipes on the roof. It was black smoke, not steam, and lasted for an hour. Another person living in the area said they have seen this at night as well.

The photo is not representative of the powerful columns of smoke seen in the evening.

The entire NYMEX building is being sold and will be renovated. Is this some sort of illegal construction debris being burned, such as carpeting? Given the summer season, the smoke is not caused by oil-burning boilers.

Say tuned. Much better footage is on the way.

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