NYT exposes Bill Thompson’s cronyism while comptroller

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Bill ThompsonAugust 31, 2013- BatteryPark.TV previously reported on the reasons for former BPCA Chairman Bill Thompson suddenly resigning. It seems that he was cutting lucrative deals with the big real estate owners in Battery Park City (BPC) in exchange for campaign donations to his 2013 run for NYC Mayor.

The NY Times is reporting that Mr. Thompson, while as comptroller of the city, did the same thing there, “Mr. Thompson’s ties to (campaign donors) reflect a pattern that emerges from an examination of Mr. Thompson’s stewardship of the pension funds and, more broadly, the comptroller’s office: Again and again, Mr. Thompson reaped political gains from those he awarded city business.”

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2 Responses to NYT exposes Bill Thompson’s cronyism while comptroller

  1. Name withheld by editor says:


    Agreed – but while Hevesi took a million and was jailed, what amount of $$$ did Thompson take? Why is the Times leaving this out?

    Were these fund managers donating to everyone running? And how much?

    I expect more from the Times!

    Meanwhile your coverage of his poor performance at head of the BPCA is spot on.

  2. Editor says:

    I expect nothing but biased propaganda from NYT, , Fox, etc. therefore I am never let down.

    Only BatteryPark.TV truly informs….we take no outside money….our agendas are obvious, not hidden behind “news”

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