Oh the irony. Leticia Remauro denied access to BPCA offices

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December 10, 2011

By Steven Greer

The Tribeca Tribune has a story about the recent BPC CB1 meeting whereby Leticia Remauro, former BPCA employee, met face to face with current BPCA administration (but not with CEO Gayle Horwitz, see our story Gayle Horwitz hides under her desk..”). In the story, they have a nice photo of Ms. Remauro being temporarily forbidden past the security desk at the WFC lobby and from going up to the BPCA offices for the meeting.

This event, so well documented by the Trib, has tremendous irony in it. Previously, while still media relations director for the BPCA, Ms. Remauro did the same thing to BatteryPark.TV. She told the security desk to not allow us up when we were trying to inquire about a parks related story. The saying “What goes around comes around” is fitting here.

The concerning part of this story, however, is that it reveals a pattern by the BPCA, a public office, of not allowing critics and citizens into their Ivory Tower in the WFC. We have consulted with legal experts and former BPCA senior executives, and this is illegal for the BPCA to selectively not allow certain members of the public into the offices.

Recall, the BPCA recently made important decisions about renewing the contract with the city for the PEP, and this was done at a meeting with no public input. A farce of a “Town Hall” meeting was held after the important decisions were made.

The cover up and hiding grows. Ms. Horwitz was recently a no-show at the tree lighting ceremony. There was supposed to have been a BPCA meeting on Tuesday, December 13th, to further discuss the growing scandal of the mass firings of the 19 staff ad the fate of Gayle Horwitz. It was rumored that Chairman Thompson was going to ban the public from the meeting. It seems they cancelled the entire meeting instead, according to the Tribeca Tribune.

Carl Glassman of Tribeca Tribune, Photo of Leticia Remauro being held up at WFC security

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  1. Citizen of bpc says:

    The authority is a fraud !!!!!

    Where is the inspector general

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