Op-Ed in Crain’s by founding BPCA Chairman “BPCA should no longer exist”

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UrstadtMay 11, 2014- In Crain’s New York, an Op-Ed by the founding Chairman of the BPCA, Charles Urstadt, once again calls for the dissolving of the BPCA, and for the city to assume control. Of note, and very timely given the scandals of the current Chairman, Dennis Mehiel, Mr. Urstadt describes the BPCA as, “(The BPCA) has been a patronage dumping ground where friends of elected officials are “parked” in undemanding, lucrative sinecures.”

To see just how lucrative are the jobs within the BPCA, we have previously listed in detail the 19 or more new-hires by Mr. Mehiel, just since 2012. He was appointed in June of 2012, then promptly fired 18 long-time staff, and replaced them with his own cronies, at higher salaries. Most of Mr. Mehiel’s new staff earn well more than $100,000.

It’s time for a BPCA corruption probe

Exclusive: Mehiel’s BPCA administration hires a record 18 staff in one year



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