“Oysters, clams, and cockles”

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Le District Island Creek Oysters wideJune 14, 2015- The HBO show Game of Thrones has created some viral catchphrases, such as “You know nothing, John Snow.”. A new one to catch on is, “Oysters, clams, and cockles”, which is what one of the young girl characters says as she becomes an undercover merchant selling shellfish.

Well, BPC now has several places where you can buy your own “oysters, clams, and cockles”. Pier-A and the outdoor section of Le District both have oyster shucking stations. North End Grill also sells $1 oysters and has an indoor shellfish section. Then, if you want to walk up to Pier 25, the Grand Banks boat sells freshly caught oysters too.

Grand Banks oyster shucking zoomNorth End Grill oysters

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